Drink. Your. Nutrients.

Live Water, Drink Life, with our eco-friendly fruit-infuser bottle.

Why Aqua Detox?

Hydration, On Hand

Our 650 mL / 22oz bottle has a stylish travel handle so you can take it with you wherever life takes you.

Looks Good, Does Better

Our bottles are beautiful and so they are a good reminder for you to stop and drink water, also to get over a soda addiction.

Lose weight fast

You read that correctly! Drinking more water can help you lose those extra pounds. Some studies have shown that people who increased their water intake while dieting lost more weight that those who kept to minimum levels. Drinking more water helps to delay the feeling of hunger, so the next time you feel hungry and find yourself reaching for junk food, drink water instead.

Drink Your Vitamins

Water, with benefits. Our stainless steel strainer and wide mouth make our bottle perfect for infusing fruit, herbs and even tea into your water.

Clear Skin

Without water, your skin can’t function at its best. If your skin doesn’t get enough water, not only will it become dry, tight, and flaky, but it will also become even more prone to aging. The truth is that your body loses large quantities of water every day, so if you don’t replace it by drinking more water, your skin will suffer the consequences. It’s easy to see the visible difference that hydration can make for your skin. Water also improves your complexion.

Reduces risk of cancer and a plethora of benefits

Drinking more water reduces the risk of certain cancers like the cancer of the colon and bladder. It’s also been found to reduce the risk of breast cancers. Also it reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke, improves your mental abilities, improves physical performance and so on.

Looks good, does better. Our eco-friendly, fruit infuser water bottles are revolutionising the way people stay hydrated."
Development Expert

"Plain old water has never been my favorite, but when I fill this infuser with slices of orange or cucumber, the bottle becomes a part."

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