Gay Close Friends Are This Year’s Hottest Teen Accessory

This thirty days, crucial journal that is sociological Vogue posseses an in-depth and thought-provoking study of an amazing occurrence: Sometimes heterosexual females are buddies with homosexual men. Though “friends with” implies parity. Let’s imagine: Heterosexual females have homosexual male buddies. It is stylish!

Yeah, it is some of those tales. Let us do the pull-quote that is whole, shall we?

“a couple of years ago, most of the popular, pretty girls had been walking turn in hand by having a preppy jock, ” a Pacific Palisades senior high school student says. ” So Now you will see them in hallways by having a Mulberry case on a single supply and a Johnny Weir look-alike on the other side. ” She claims one girl at her college also recently tweeted: “OMG, watching Glee makes me want I’d some guy like Kurt during my life. It is a little ridiculous how sought after a homosexual closest friend is now in past times 12 months”

Mmm, delicious milkshake. More please!

Maggie, * a seventeen-year-old bostonian, discovered that since becoming therefore near to her GBF, she spends a shorter time along with her right guy buddies. “It really is good because I do not need certainly to stress about Kevin* developing emotions for me personally, ” she states. “Pretty much each time i have created a relationship having a right man, he finished up being interested in me personally, and I also would ramp up hurting him as he discovered we did not feel the same manner. “

Maggie! You seem hot. All of the regular boys love you? Honey woman fabuloso pet, there isn’t any explanation to be a fag hag. Upcoming!

“there is some guy that is so sought after in this particular one social group that girls will literally get jealous if he spends per night out with somebody else, ” the exact exact same Pacific Palisades senior school student says. “They utilized to have guy-crazy; now they have gay-crazy. It really is be much more of a gay- boyfriend situation. “

Ohhh sugar snaps! Gay dudes are like the very last Berkin merkin flerkin bag or regardless of the fuck regarding the shop rack. Woman, ensure that is stays comin’!

Katie, * 20, from Dallas, discovers the newest social infatuation with gay stereotypes absurd. “we hate all of the tropes that are tired because of the news, ” she states. “My closest friend, Brett, * is not some superfabulous design consultant that we simply take shopping and sing show tunes with. “

Heyyyy, gir— Wait, exactly just exactly what? Katie you may be bumming me out.

Therefore yeah those will be the best hits! Well, aside from the hit that is greatest. The Editor in Chief of Teen Quarterly chimes in by the end adultchathookups cams to offer us this factв„ў that is fierce

We girls compare ourselves one to the other, and it will simply get a bit… Extreme. Thank heavens for gay close friends. We treasure my GBFs—I are now living in new york; We have actually numerous, numerous! ВЂ”because these are typically nonjudgmental and noncompetitive

Ohhh sassysnatch, preach it! They’re not competitive and never judgmental since they hardly occur as genuine people. They truly are to be discussed in articles just as if these are generally shoes. And also you would know, lollipop licks, as you reside in nyc.

Um, OK. I do not even understand how exactly to be angry at most of these things anymore, y’know? We’ll simply tell Vogue, let’s say We had written a write-up which was called “Asians! Everybody would like to Be Friends With ‘Em. ” Can you enjoy that? Though competition and sex are two different things, so think about “Cripplez: Will they be I suspect for you personally? ” That might be a rather intriguing and good article to see.

YOU UNDERSTAND whom I’M EVEN MAD AT, but i suppose i am mad at them in a I-feel-bad-for-them kind of method? The homosexual dudes whom are like therefore into this notion. Oh gosh, isn’t that so depressing to take into account? Lady arrived all of the way to avoid it regarding the wardrobe merely to wind up hung up in a few pizza-faced, lip gloss-‘n-BO stinked teenage girl’s armoire. Don’t be concerned, Dustin. Madison will trot you away for the next celebration or breakup or Teen Vogue meeting. Oh just what a life!

Bang it all. Let us all proceed to Gay Island and start to become completed with it.

Essential note: I’m sure that Ryan and Sharpay are SIBLINGS. But nonetheless.

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